Responsibly Made*

Every Hill’s pet food is part of a greater vision within the Colgate-Palmolive family

Products with this icon are made at Hill's Pet Nutrition facilities that are increasing energy and water efficiency, are TRUE®️ zero waste certified, strive for no workplace accidents and adhere to ethical labor practices.

Sourcing and production that keeps your pet, our employees and the planet in mind

As proponents of science, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, replenishing natural resources and leading our industry in more ethical, responsible practices.

All 6 Hill’s owned manufacturing sites are certified under the Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE®) program for zero waste

TRUE® is a zero waste certification program for businesses to assess performance in reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

About TRUE

Every product with your pet’s wellbeing in mind

We use comprehensive testing and tracking programs to ensure every batch is worthy of your pet’s bowl.

Purposeful packaging

As a committed member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we aim to reduce the amount of plastic and other materials used in our supply chain, and we have committed to increasing our recycling efforts.

A collaborative effort toward a larger mission

We work alongside different partners, local associations and certifications in an effort to create more sustainable pet food production practices around the world.

Carbon-conscious shipping

Around the globe, we work to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing truck shipments while optimizing ship sizes, delivery routes and trailer capacities.

image of pet nutritian center worker petting cat

Committed to innovation

We take a forward-thinking approach to keep you and your pet a step ahead.

Photo of boy petting dog in the grass

A step ahead for future generations

Being in the pet food industry since 1907, we understand the value of planning for long-term sustainability.

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*Our Responsibly Made claim applies to all Colgate-Palmolive owned and operated facilities. Aspects related to Sustainable & Safe Ingredients, Responsible Sourcing, Sustainable Packaging and more can be found on our sustainability website. “LEED” and related logos are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and are used with permission.