• Why is Hill’s relaunching Prescription Diet?

    Strengthening the holistic Prescription Diet brand experience in an online first world, making it simpler for vets to recommend and pet parents to choose our brand via modern packaging, strong clinical evidence and emotional messaging.

  • What is changing?

    • Redesigned Packaging

    • Optimized Formulas

    • New Digital Tools

  • How is the packaging changing?

    We have done a lot of research to understand the pet parent as well as the veterinarians and optimize our packaging designs for both online and in the clinic. We have a new simple and clean design that is easier to shop online as we increased the category descriptor as well as color blocking and the alpha codes. We have highlighted our Hill’s credentials by giving them more prominence. Each product package is differentiated with unique pet images on the front as well as bringing the science to life in an easy way on the back panel. On the back of the pack, we have one core main claim on the top and we are explaining the benefits of our products with succinct statements on how it helps and how the formula works. These top three claims were based on insights and we included icons to help provide clarity and understanding.

  • How many formulas changed?

    28 dry formulas have changed (24 require a transition), 16 wet formulas have changed (1 requires a transition), and 1 treat formula has changed.

  • What is changing in the formulas and why?

    In the new recipes, pork fat has been replaced with chicken fat. Using Chicken fat brings these recipes in line with the rest of the portfolio that already had chicken fat. Chicken fat is loved by pets and helps with overall consistency of product quality.  In addition, these products are excellent tasting as we optimized taste enhancer ingredients resulting in great tasting new recipes that are on par with the current formula.